ZEN – is presence, awareness, mindfulness, relaxed alertness, true nature; living deeply connected with life´s essence as it unfolds and manifests in surprising and creative way from moment to moment.

COACHING – is the art of supporting people in discovering for themselves their own inner resources and answers to their own questions. This is done mainly through deep, respectful listening and powerful questions.

At the basis of this approach lies the power of contemporary coaching combined with a timeless wisdom based on living life with ease, flow and harmony.

The starting point of Zen Coaching lies in our natural wish to be fully who we are, and to be genuine, authentic and sincere with ourselves and others.

In Zen Coaching reaching external goals is combined with a deeper inner focus. The approach is built upon basic mindfulness principles, or conscious present and also based on exploration of limiting beliefs, and on our true inner resources.

The founder of Zen Coaching is Kåre Landfald from Norway. He was inspired by, among others, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, A.H. Almaas (Diamond Approach), Marshall B. Rosenberg (Nonviolent Communitation), Osho and modern coaching approaches: Focusing, Co-Active Coaching.


  • living according your heart’s longing;              
  • living your real potential with more confidence, creativity, ease, lightness, curiosity, joy and much more;
  • leads to internal balance and harmony; 
  •  supports in authentic, deeper contact with yourself and other people;
  • supports a more complete expression of our individuality in life and effective communication;
  • helps in realizing your needs and longings and how you want to live;
  • helps in making decisions and actions in harmony with yourself;
  • helps to see, embrace and transform many difficult emotions, such as fear, guilt, shame, depression, lack of value and others;
  • gives you the opportunity to go beyond automatic schemas and limiting, repeated by years, patterns of behavior and reaction;
  • develops self-awareness and mindfulness in life, we can enjoy life and being here and now, appreciating every moment and its potential;
  • access to your deep, inner wisdom and real resources; 
  • more satiating, loving way of treating yourself.

about me


WELCOME to my website! 

Thank you for BEING here.

My passion is supporting in conscious, mindful and fulfilled life. In harmony with oneself, at the level of deep connection with oneself, with  needs and longings, so that you can live from the place of inner wisdom, creativity, joy and power. To live life you are longing for. I am inspired by meetings with other people and accompanying them in discovering themselves and what is real, essential and the most important.

I am a Certified Coach in the Zen Coaching approach. I took part in a profound Zen Coaching training in Poland. Currently, I am still following this inspiring and fascinating path by participating in the Zen Coaching Deepening Training for coaches in Sweden. Zen Coaching is for me a nourishing, still deepening and enriching my life the path of development, mindfulness and self-recognition as well as the professional path that has become my greatest passion.


Individual Zen Coaching sessions

During which in empathic, accepting, open and full of curiosity space, I will support you in journey to yourself . I support you with mindfulness, empathic listening and powerfull questions that help you go even deeper, so that we can see together what is difficult and challenging for you.

The basis of the session is to stop and meet with yourself at the moment, here and now, when your life happens. And from the place of being, connection with yourself, your needs and longings discover what is important and true to you at this moment. 

Zen Coaching sessions are equal, partnership cooperation. At sessions, there will be no: fixing and improvement, judgement, criticism, advice and ready solutions, analysis and diagnosis. 

Zen Coaching has an incredible power that can transform our lives in all areas, regardless of the age, difficulties and challenges we face. At Zen Coaching sessions, you can work with all areas of life, personal as well as professional / business. These can be challenges in relationships with yourself or with others, overwhelming emotions and feelings, professional / business issues, problems with making important decisions and choices, feeling stuck in life, the will to live fully and many, many more.

 I offer packages of coaching sessions consisting of 5 or 10 sessions. One session lasts about 60 minutes, the first one is longer, it lasts about 90-120 minutes and is needed to get to know each other better, discuss the principles of cooperation and let us clarify what  are the areas of our work. 

Sessions can be held personally in Almere or online via Skype.


They are an opportunity to experience the transforming power of Zen Coaching in a small group, meet with yourself at a completely different level than in everyday busy and chaotic life. When we relax in being, our true inner potential of wisdom, creativity, power, joy, peace and clarity opens up for us and completely new perspectives.

Mindful listening

Real, mindful listening is a gift that we rarely allow ourselves and rarely experience in life. Despite its simplicity, it has tremendous power. The way we listen to ourselves and others makes a big difference in experiencing life. Practice/ meditation of pure, mindful listening is one of the basic practices of Zen Coaching. This meeting will give you the opportunity to experience what it is like to be listened to in an open, non-judgmental, full of kindness, in which no one interrupts you, comments you or gives good advice. Come and feel the magic of mindful listening.



Aneta has coached me for 10 sessions. I started coaching without a clear goal in mind as I was going through a lot of changes myself, quite confused and emotional at that time. We have approached subjects like beliefs system, values, limiting beliefs, career, personal development, family. Aneta challenged me to re-discover who I really am and what I want in a safe and non-judgemental space. If I want to find a word to describe the most important benefit from these coaching sessions, I will have to choose clarity. Working with Aneta was very enlightening. And this was the big thing I needed in a period of though transition. I am highly recommending Aneta! She is a great coach and working with her might completelle shift up on new level your life! Thank you so much Aneta for your support which enabled me to create massive shifts in my perspective.
Edyta Tkaczyk

So nice to talk and listen to Aneta, beautiful person she is and great way of how she shares her knowledge and reminds us we all have it in us! Sharing is caring! Definitely recommending her workshops and looking forward to the next one!
Anouk MJ

Aneta provides a warm and open hearted space where I feel safe to explore my shadows and most uncomfortable fears. I feel supported by her empathy and non-judging appearance so that I dare to express whatever is showing up in the present moment. I experience that my feelings are ok no matter what I sense and that it’s ok to be scared and vulnerable. She has helped me in connecting with my deeper longings and needs, which has been powerful reminders of my intentions behind my everyday actions. I’ve got clearness in fears and insights in what obstacles that are standing in the way for me to shine my light and to take action according to my dreams. I can warmly recommend Aneta as a coach for all of you who wants to be seen and heard with true empathy.

I have done lots of therapeutic work since I was 24 and it's quite unusual to want to continue working with someone. It's remarkable how valuable it is. And I think it is something about open questions who guide me to find the solution within myself. There is something more about than that. It's about how during the sessions I really found this glow, this bigger part of me. I can't really describe it, it feels a bit like magic. It might be something with the way you ask the questions, about the spaciousness , the silence. I just feel like in the sessions I am in touch with a deeper part of myself. And it is like a resource, when I come out of the sessions in the week. It's been very helpful to hear the questions about What can you do with that? How are you going to take this out to the world? I think that is very very helpful for me. It's integrating what I am doing with you in the sessions with my life. Now I can feel like witnessing is a bit more spacious. Beforehand I might need guite close holding now I have much more capacity to do that for myself, and I want something bigger than that. It sounds a bit abstract , can't say what it is. It's something that you provided that has allowed that. That kind of bigger part of myself to meet, different parts of me, anxious part of me, which don't feel good. It is very helpful in the sessions to appreciate, to tune into the body, real feelings, true feelings come from that.

"We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us"


Do you have any questions? Do you want to find out more about Zen Coaching sessions and cooperation opportunities? I invite you to contact me. Write me.


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